What is Macdonut?

Imagine my surprise! After using the username "Macdonut" for almost 25 years, I just stumbled upon a new meaning for it entirely. As someone who doesn't engage with cannabis, this new definition isn't particularly surprising. However, considering the diverse topics that might arise in this blog, who knows, there might be a hidden connection waiting to be discovered, perhaps of an esoteric or spiritual nature.

  1. Cannabis Strain: In the world of cannabis, "macdonut" is the name of a specific indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana. This strain is known for its sweet and citrusy fruity flavor with a slightly doughy and nutty exhale, hence the name "macdonut." It is said to be a cross between the popular strains Girl Scout Cookies and Louis XIII. However, information about its exact origins and heritage is scarce. Users report this strain to have relaxing and pain-relieving effects.